About Us
We are a firm offering training solutions for corporations to meet their various requirements. Our firm can help your distributors with programs that would combine the theory with practical experiences on matters as diverse as sales, investment products, investment markets, financial planning and customer service. We are especially strong in the area of mutual funds.
Our Strengths
Experience of over a decade and a half in businesses related to financial services and the passion to learn are the biggest of our assets. Through our long association with the industry, we have the ability to understand and assess the training needs of the investment advisors.
We can differentiate our offerings as there are very few players in the market who understand the practical aspects of the business as much as we do.
Training Methodology
Training is a powerful tool in the hands of an organisation. Programs can be structured in a manner to help meet the objectives of the organisation. We recognise this requirement of the companies and design our programs keeping your business objectives in mind.
At the same time, recognising that the trainee is the most important person in a training program, our programs are more interactive so as to facilitate learning and to make the whole exercise fun. Depending on the type of program, there are role plays, case studies, practical examples and group discussions. The involvement from the candidates helps in making the programs more effective.
Training Programs
We have divided the programs in four broad categories, viz.
1. Basics of investments and products
2. Financial planning
3. Sales and marketing of financial products and services
4. Practice management
These programs cover the whole range of requirements of the investment advisors. Whereas we have some standard modules under these four categories, most of our programs are customised to meet the requirements of the client organisations.