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Welcome To Karmayog Knowledge Center
Liberalisation has changed the way we live our lives. Along with many other things, our investing habits also need to undergo a change. We have transitioned from a controlled and low risk economy to market economy where excess returns cannot be earned without taking significant risks.
Over this period, one has come across a lot of investors making money and many more losing. Often, the investor, who makes money, takes home undeserved credit and the one who loses money, passes on the blame. This attitude does not allow any room for learning from the experiences and the story repeats again and again.
At the same time, the intermediaries, who are supposed to have fiduciary responsibility towards the investors, also seem to have fallen prey to the same pitfalls as the investors themselves. The intermediaries include manufacturers (companies issuing debt or equity, investment management companies, insurance companies or anyone else who issues investment vehicles in some form or other), distributors, brokers, agents and press. What is lacking is; understanding at all levels – issuers, sellers and investors alike. Sometimes the intermediaries also get bogged down by the dilemma between short-term sales targets v/s long gestation periods of the education process.
Setting up Karmayog Knowledge Academy is a mission. The Academy will carry out its mission through distributor training programs, investor education seminars, articles and columns in print and electronic media. We would bring practical experience gathered over the years and apply the same to the issues concerning the investors and the intermediaries.